Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my fence last?

Soil conditions, climate, materials used, and installation procedures can all have an impact on the life of your fence. A properly installed fence using quality materials will undoubtedly last you a long time, provided it is properly maintained. An America’s Fence Store professional can assist you deciding which type of fence would best serve your needs.

Can I purchase your fence materials for installing myself?

Absolutely! Our How-To section provides step-by-step installation guides along with the ability for you to purchase the materials necessary.  An America’s Fence Store professional is available to answer any questions for which fence you would wish to install.

Can I get custom fence styles?

Of course! As a custom fence fabricator, American Fence Store can provide you with almost any design. With the Midwest’s largest computerized fabrication shop, we can build your dream.

How many different styles of fence are out there?

For almost any application, there is a fence, and as such, there are many styles of fences. Some of the most popular Vinyl, Wood, Chain Link, and Ornamental Iron.  An America’s Fence Store professional can assist you in navigating for a fence based on your needs.

What is the cost of vinyl compared to wood?

Comparable. As a matter of fact, if you compare a typical cedar fence and add the price of staining, vinyl fencing is more price competitive.

Will my ornamental iron fence rust, fade, peel or chip? 

Without question, this is the greatest concern with ornamental fencing. Consequently, you should not purchase a metal fence system unless it has been:

  1. E-coated. This is the exact same coating that is used on your automobile. It involves dipping the product and is generally applied with pre-manufactured fence systems.
  2. Powder Coating. This coating provides a plastic like to metal products. It is powder that is applied to the fence and then melted in an oven, creating a baked-on tough coating.
  3. Galvanizing. Leaving your fence with a shiny silver coating, galvanizing seals the fence from rust and corrosion with a zinc rich finish.

With decades of steel fabrication, America’s Fence Store stands firm on only providing products with these forms of coatings.